We're working on tackling invasive plants and looking out for our bird life — thanks to help from Waikato Regional Council’s SSCIF grant and the hard mahi of the Remnant Restoration crew.

Water stewardship

Water's precious, so we use it wisely with low-flow in all the rooms, planting natives and building on landscaping that doesn't need tons of watering.

Community connection

We are building our community offerings with workshops, seminars, and open days on deck. We also have been working with local artists to share and sell their work through the lodge.

Waste management

We've adopted eco-friendly practices such as composting, eliminating single-use plastics, and managing our rubbish thoughtfully. We utilize refillable cleaning products from Ecostore and natural, refillable bathroom products from Real World.

Energy Efficiency

Switching to LED lights and energy-friendly gadgets because it's good for the planet and the power bill.

Sustainable Sourcing

From our fruit orchard to the nearby local market, we're passionate about serving up plant-based, sustainable eats. We are increasing our gardensize to grow the majority of our herbs and vegetables right on-site. We partner with like-minded companies who are environmentally conscious such as Studio Sutram, Baina, Real World, Webster’s Tea, and Ecostore to bring you the best of the best

Buffalo Lodge garden - sustainability

Sustainability at buffalo lodge

We want sustainability to be woven into the fabric of our operations here at Buffalo Lodge, from minimizing our ecological footprint to fostering partnerships with like-minded businesses. In the time we are here, we hope to treat this whenua with the value of Kaitiakitanga, recognizing our role as guardians and protectors.

We actively support the principles of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and we want to show up in our life-long learning of caring for our natural resources. Our current practice extends to offering locally grown and organic breakfast goods, visible recycling and compost facilities for guests, the use of bulk, refillable, eco-friendly cleaning products, prioritizing water conservation, embracing digital recordkeeping, incorporating LED lighting, nurturing native flora and reducing food waste by carefully estimating portions and repurposing excess items whenever possible. By embracing these practices, we strive to create a sustainable and harmonious space in collaboration with you, our guests, so we can all be immersed in the beauty of nature with an acute awareness of how to look after it.

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