Friends of buffalo Lodge

We love to make long-term friends. If you are coming back to stay with us, sign up for Friends of Buffalo Lodge, book directly through our website, and enjoy a 10% discount on your stay.

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Clay Mates

We love this creative town and have a particularly special spot in our hearts for pottery enthusiasts. Book into one of DCR's 2024's week long pottery courses and enjoy a 20% Buffalo Lodge discount to cozy up your creative retreat.

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Keep exploring

We cherish the moments spent together, fostering connections and creating memories that last. Whether you're seeking a romantic couple's retreat or embarking on an adventure to discover Coromandel's hidden gems, our inviting spaces and warm hospitality await your arrival.

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Experience a slow stay at Buffalo Lodge, where the beauty of nature converges with unhurried moments. Book now to savour simplicity, good company, and to create lasting memories—your getaway awaits.

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